Los Angeles Artist Maryna Butenko

Maryna Butenko Los Angeles Artist

Ukrainian born artist Maryna Butenko is constantly learning. Raised in a family of artists, she grew up watching her mother paint. From her early years she was exposed to the creative process and learned from her mother who paints oil landscapes and still life. Her father is a wood carving artist who encouraged his daughter to find her unique creative expression in any form of art she felt the strongest connection to. In 1997 she attended the Art School of Vinnytsia in Ukraine. In 2001 she graduated with high level of skills in in composition, sculpture, painting and drawing. From there Maryna went on to attend the Highest School of Arts in Vinnytsia and received high honors in Decorative Painting before moving to United States where she attended the Art Institute of Atlanta in 2003. Maryna lives in Los Angeles and works out of her home studio primarily on custom orders. Some of her work is displayed in the PAINTINGS section of this website.



Artist Statement

"Painting gives me an ability to express myself without having to say a word. I like working with mixed media such as acrylic, oil, gouache, ink, graphite, glitter, swarovski crystals and collage. I experiment with texture and space. As a result, my work has a variety of looks. My paintings are very personal and are influenced by my emotions and imagination. I have been fortunate to acquire an Art education. However, I realize that ignoring the "rules" of formal training is what makes my art truly unique."


Maryna Butenko Artist

Q: Are there any artists who influenced your work?
A: My mother influenced my work more than anyone. I still remember the smell of oil paint in her studio. I used to sneak in there and go through her unfinished pieces and dream about someday being able to paint just like that.

Q: What inspires you?
A: Love. Care, Affection, Compassion... There are so many kinds of love. I get inspired by feelings not things. I only paint when I'm happy so when a piece gets sold it continues to radiate its positive energy onto its owner.

Q: Do you have a specific process that you must follow when you begin a new piece?
A: I feel that I needed to learn the rules through formal training just to know how to cleverly brake them if I needed to. When starting a new piece I just let it flow and see where my brush takes me. Rules and restrictions go out the window.

Q: Was it a struggle to re-establish yourself in the U.S.?
A: It wasn't easy for the first few years but I've been lucky to meet so many amazing people who helped me along the way. I went through all the typical struggles of an immigrant but I'm glad that part of my life is over and I feel at home in Los Angeles now.

Q: What is your biggest challenge professionally?
A: When working on a commissioned piece a client usually wants to see a detailed draft and that is a challenge for me. I can show a color palette, I can sketch a basic concept but I can never guarantee that the finished artwork will match the initial sketch. Every piece is unique and has a life of its own.

Q: Do you have an emotional connection to your artwork?
A: Yes and no. The whole reason I paint is for somebody to enjoy the piece. I sell them, I give them away, I donate them. I keep the flow going because I don't want to be one of those artists who hold on to their art forever. I want as many of my pieces as possible to be out there so people can actually enjoy them. Otherwise what's the point of having a gift if you don't share it with the world?

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have to offer someone starting out?
A: Don't listen to anyone who says you're not talented enough. Yes, there are well established artists, art professionals and many credible people in the field but their opinion and their taste is not universal. Stick to your own style and keep going. Remember, you don't need anybody's validation to create what is beautiful to you.



2003-2004 The Art Institute of Atlanta, GA, USA

2001-2002 Highest School of Arts Number Five of Vinnytsia, Ukraine

1997-2001 Art School of Vinnytsia, Ukraine


Exhibition History

03-09-2016 "ALLURE" Solo Show at the Art:EGO Culture Center in Kyiv, Ukraine 

12-08-2014 "Dakha Brakha Concert Reception" Solo Show in Los Angeles, CA

12-12-2012 "12:12:12" Annual Group Show in Glendale, CA

11-02-2012 "Esprit Marina" Solo Show in Marina Del Rey, CA

09-22-2012 "Chocolate & Art" Group Show in Los Angeles, CA

11-11-2011 "11:11:11" Annual Group Show in Glendale, CA

11-14-2009 "Divus" Group Show at Art Rebel Gallery in Sherman Oaks, CA

09-09-2009 "9:9:9" Annual Group Show in Glendale, CA

10-04-2008 "The Hive" Group Show at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles, CA

09-22-2008 "Feminine Oddities" Group Show in Long Beach, CA

08-08-2008 "8:8:8" Annual Group Show in Glendale, CA

07-27-2008 "Summer" Group Show at the Applegate Gallery in Santa Monica, CA