Los Angeles Art Gallery or 7 Pieces of Advice for Newbie Art Collectors

Today’s collectors have more access than ever to the art world thanks to online galleries and a growing community of artists on social media. Where do you begin, though? You don’t need an art history background or experience buying art in order to start your collection. Remember that art is subjective; there’s no right or wrong way to choose artwork. These nine tips will help you get started on the road to owning pieces you’ll love forever.

Research the current art market.

Never buy art simply because other people like it. When you’re unfamiliar with the art market, it’s easy to fall for flash-in-the-pan artists who have a lot of fans at the moment. Look around a lot before you buy. Developing your artistic eye is an ongoing process and it can take a few weeks to simply figure out what it is you like.

Choose quality over quantity.

When buying art, consider it a lifelong commitment and purchase accordingly. While there are fantastic artists who have used economy grade materials, it’s best to pick pieces that have been made with high quality materials.

Join a group that supports the arts.

In practically every town and city, there are groups of art lovers and collectors who come together. When you’re part of an art circle, you’ll be introduced to gallery curators, attend museum shows, learn about the latest Los Angeles art gallery, sit in on art talks and visit artist studios. Plus, talking to other people about art will expand your taste and help you discover new artists.

Consider purchasing an edition.

If you love a certain artist’s portfolio but you can’t afford their work right now, consider buying an edition. Some artists will create multiple pieces so that customers can buy them for a lower amount. This is an excellent way to get your own piece from a coveted artist. Note that the smaller the edition, the higher the cost.

Buy small, save big.

When you love a piece from an artist, like canvas art in Los Angeles, but you need time to save up for it, purchase a smaller piece or a print in the meantime. You’ll support the artist and enjoy their art while saving up for the big prize.

Commission a piece.

Once you have a few works from an artist, you may be dreaming up new designs that haven’t even been created yet. Ask your favorite artist in LA if they do commissioned work. This is a great way to add to your collection and enjoy a piece that’s specifically made just for you.

Take care of your art.

Original art in Los Angeles can easily depreciate in value if damaged, which will detract from your collection. Learn how to properly care for the art you buy. For example, paper artwork should be kept away from sunlight. When hanging art, it should have acid-free matting and ultraviolet light-resistant glass.



Los Angeles Artist or Tips for First-Time Art Buyers

Buying art for the first time? Well-placed art can truly transform your home or office, which is where you spend a huge portion of your life. Once you hang that original piece in your home, you’ll be hooked - prepare to become an art buyer for life!

Find out what you like.

It’s nearly impossible to choose art if you don’t know what type of art you like. Visit museums and galleries to explore the countless styles, hone in on your preferences and develop your taste. You may think you love photography above all else and then be surprised to discover you’re a huge fan of abstract original art in Los Angeles!

Set a budget.

Knowing how much you’re willing and able to spend on art will help you pinpoint which galleries and websites to visit. As you gain experience with shopping for art, you’ll start to learn the normal price ranges for different types of styles and mediums. If you’re starting out with a limited budget, don’t let that deter you - there’s something at practically every price point.

Consider your whole house.

When shopping for art, consider the entirety of your home’s decor. Art should complement and enhance the rest of your home without blending in too much. If you buy a piece that you love but that you don’t have a place for, it’ll go to waste.

Read the fine print.

Art can look much different online or on a gallery wall than in your own home. Whenever you buy from a Los Angeles artist, ask about their return policy. Many artists offer a full refund within a certain time frame or they’ll let you take the piece home to try out before purchasing it.

Buy what you like.

When you find a piece you love, you’ll know it because you won’t be able to stop thinking about it. Don’t buy a piece that you kind of like or think you should like; buy a piece you can’t live without. The only person’s opinion that matters is your own. Don’t worry if your friends don’t love your taste for abstract canvas paintings - trust your instincts and buy art because you love it.

Don’t buy to invest.

Buying a piece of art solely for the purpose of making an investment is a mistake. Yes, some art will increase in value over the years, but buying for this reason should be left to the experts.

Elevate the art.

Once you’ve purchased a great piece of art, don’t be stingy when it comes to displaying it. Splurge on quality matting, custom framing and museum glass.

Commission a piece.

When you see a work that you love but that’s too large for your space, ask the artist if they’ll create a similar piece in a smaller size. It’s not uncommon for an artist in Los Angeles to get this type of request. 



Марина Бутенко Художник из Лос-Анджелеса

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